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Welcome to Agape Tour Ethiopia

Agape Tour PLC is a registered tour company specializing in Tours and Travels within East Africa. It was established in Addis Abeba at the beginning of 2014 by two very experienced people. The owners, Habte Lakew Weldemariam and Daniel Dieraert are working in the tourism business for more than 15 years, organizing tours in Ethiopia and surrounding countries: Djibouti, Somaliland, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, South Sudan, North Sudan and more. We organize tailor made and customized tours to all the historical and cultural sites of Ethiopia (Lalibela, Axum, Gondar, Bahir Dar, Tigray churches, etc), to the impressive tribes of the Omo Valley, to the many National Parks and wild life sanctuaries. Bird watching, Adventure tours, Trekking to the Danakil Depression (including climbing the Ertale Volcano and visiting amazing geological activities at Dallol) , Coffee Tours, Trekking in Semien and in Bale Mountains (from 1 day up to 12 days) and many more. We try to give the best service to tourists, either they come as individuals or with a group.


Bem vindos a Angola!


19 days in September 2019 

The country offers some of Africa’s most spectacular tribal groups, stunning natural landscapes, and a rich colonial heritage dating from the Portuguese era.

Angola is still virgin, unique and in this tour we will combine Ethnography and Nature

This is a Program for the Dry Season which goes from June till November, it is longer than a program in the Wet Season as we can drive deeper the bush in.



Day 1 / Sunday 1st of Sept / Arrive in Luanda

Arrival in Luanda

Daniel will meet you at the airport, transfer you the hotel.

Depending on arrival time can start City tour or wait till tomorrow

≡ Accommodation in Luanda: Hotel Ilha Mar or similar / Meals Plan: B&B


Day 2 / Monday 2nd of Sept / Flight to Lubango

After breakfast start the City Tour with interesting old colonial buildings, such as the Baroque Church of Nosa Senhora de Nazaré, the Anthropology Museum, the Ferro Palace (19th Century) and the Portuguese fortress Fortaleza de Sao Miguel

After lunch transfer to the Airport for the Domestic flight to Lubango. This is a 90 minutes flight

Our local guide will welcome us at the Airport. Transfer to the hotel

≡ Overnight in Vanjul Lodge in Lubango / Meals Plan: Half Board (Breakfast & Dinner)

Day 3 / Tuesday 3rd of Sept / Meet the Mu-Gambue people

We will meet Serrao, the traditional leader of the Mu-Gambue people. He will talk about local culture and we will walk around the village and meet the older women, they are the Keepers of the Old Ways.

Picnic lunch on the way INCLUDED

We will also drive to the Khoisan people; they are the first human settlers in Southern Africa. They lived in peace and isolation until the arrival of Bantu speaking groups in the 12th Century. The Mu-Gambue forced the Khoisan into deeper bush and in the desert where they still live today

≡ We will spend the night close to Mugambue Area / Meals Plan: Full Board (Breakfast, Picnic Lunch & Dinner)


Day 4 / Wednesday 4th of Sept / Lubango-Kamuviu-Lubango


Drive to Kamuviu. Meet the King of the Mwila people (also written Mwela, Mumuhuila) . Meet his family and his heavily decorated wives.

Walk to nearby market to see how Mwila and Handa women are arriving to the market place.

Lunch in a local restaurant NOT INCLUDED

Mwila and Handa have similar culture but speak different languages and while Mwila decorate with a lot of beaded collars, Handa tend to use white and sometimes green beads. Pic nic lunch and afternoon dances in the King’s compound. 

Drive back to the lodge at the end of the afternoon

≡ Overnight in Vanjul Lodge in Lubango / Meals Plan: Half Board (Breakfast & Dinner)


Day 5 / Thursday 5th of Sep / Lubango-Mwila-Lubango


Drive to the land of the Muila people living on the Huila Plateau, its history and anthropological reality. Muila were the first Bantu tribe to reach the Plateau.

Meet the local chief (called ‘soba’) and its wives (they are polygamous) with traditional hairstyle showing social status and tribal affiliation.

We will first visit the Plain Muila people in western region of the Plateau. After the visit to the area, drive to nearby colonial town of Chibia

Lunch in a local restaurant NOT INCLUDED

≡ Camping close to a Mwila Settlement / Meals Plan: Full Board


Day 6 / Friday 6th of Sept / Hike in the Mwila Mountains

Half day Hike in the land of the Mwila people living in the Mountains

Return to the lodge for the night

≡ Overnight in Vanjul Lodge in Lubango / Meals Plan: Half Board (Breakfast & Dinner)


Day 7 / Saturday 7th of Sept / Lubango-Dimba


Drive to Otchinchau, where the tarmac road ends

Our objective is the Dimba tribe, Herero speaking pastoralist group

Women with small children tend to have beautiful afro-style hairdos. Reach small community and spend the night with them

Dances in the evening around the fire

≡ Camping in a village / Meals Plan: Full Board


Day 8 / Sunday 8th of Sept / Dimba-Cunene River

It is still a long drive through the bush to reach the little town of Oncocua town.

Afternoon at leisure or hike around in the small town

≡ We will spend the night at Maria’s Camp. They have cold drinks and European Toilets


Day 9 / Monday 9th of Sept / Oncocua-Cunene River

It is a 2-3 hours drive to the Cunene River

The area is inhabited by four traditional Bantu tribes. Three cattle herders: the Dimba, the Hakaona, and the most of them, the Himba and one small group of hunter gatherers, the Twa that imitate the dressing style of the Himba. There is a complex cast system in this remote area of Angola. The guide will explain this system that has disappeared in most parts of Africa. Drive to remote shores of Cunene River (natural border with Namibia).

Enjoy virgin ecosystem and meet semi-nomadic Himba in the area.

The Cunene River is the natural border with Namibia

≡ Camping close to a Himba Settlement / Meals Plan: Full Board


Day 10 / Tuesday 10th of Sept / Cunene River-Cahama-Xangongo

Early Breakfast to arrive before dark in Xangongo

≡ Overnight in Xangongo Hotel in Xangongo / Meals Plan: Full Board


Day 11 / Wednesday 11th of Sept / Xangongo-Lubango


Visit the village of Humbi; with a little luck we will be able to meet an initiated girl with ‘elephant hairdo’

Lunch in a local restaurant NOT INCLUDED

Drive back to Lubango after the Lunch

≡ Overnight in Vanjul Lodge in Lubango / Meals Plan: Half Board (Breakfast & Dinner)


Day 12 / Thursday 12th of Sept / Lubango-Leba Mts-Caraculo-Giraul-Namibe


Drive down along the famous Serra de Leba pass towards the Atlantic Coast and the city of Namibe

We will stop on the way stop at the Caraculo Farming Project, designed by Salazar’s military regime in 1947 to colonize the Angolan desert … it did not succeed. Today Caraculo is a semi-phantom town with interesting crumbling afro-Portuguese buildings.

Picnic lunch in Caraculo INCLUDED

Visit the Oasis of Giraul on the way to the town of Namibe. The actual name of the city is Moçâmedes (it was called Namibe between 1985 and 2016) but I will use the easier name of Namibe, it is the capital city of Namibe Province. It is a coastal desert city with a cool dry climate and desert vegetation

≡ Overnight in Infotour Hotel in Namibe / Meals Plan: Full Board


Day 13 / Friday 13th of Sept / Namibe-Cuval Territory

Early breakfast and drive into Cuval territory

This tribe was the last one to be conquered by Portuguese colonial forces and is still a rebel group that avoids public schooling and western medicine. They are semi nomadic and still hunt antelopes in the semi-arid savannah.

One of their visual characteristics is the set of straw strings that press the female breasts against the chest. It is a sign of motherhood and femininity. Women also decorate their heads with beautiful colours cloths bought at the market of Virei

We will find with the local guide a group of nomadic families and spend the night with them.

≡ Camping with the tribe / Meals Plan: Full Board


Day 14 / Saturday 14th of Sept / Full day with the Cuval people

Camping with the tribe / Meals Plan: Full Board


Day 15 / Sunday 15th of Sept / Cuval-Namibe

Breakfast in the tribal camp

We will visit the market of Virei on our way back to Namibe

Lunch in Virei NOT INCLUDED

≡ Overnight in Infotour Hotel in Namibe / Meals Plan: Half Board (Breakfast & Dinner)


Day 16 / Monday 16th of Sept / Namibe-Curoca-Arco-Tombwa-Namibe

Early breakfast and drive into the desert

Visit the beautiful oasis of Curoca and Arco with amazing rock formations

Continue to Tombwa (Tombua), located on the shore of Port Alexander an important harbor on the South Atlantic Ocean for oil production and fishing. 

Lunch in one of the local restaurants in town NOT INCLUDED

Visit of the town in the afternoon

Return to Namibe for the night

≡ Overnight in Infotour Hotel in Namibe / Meals Plan: Half Board (Breakfast & Dinner)

Day 17 / Tuesday 17th of Sept / Namibe-Garganta


Drive to Leba Mountains

Stop in Garganta hamlet to meet our last tribe, the Nguendelengo, with interesting wooden storage constructions.

Picnic lunch INCLUDED

Some of the younger women are showing a beautiful hairdo, characteristic of this ethnic minority (numbering just a 3.000 individuals)

Drive to a remote valley in the middle of the forested mountains. Meet the tribe and set the camp.

≡ Camping close to this tribe / Meals Plan: Full Board


Day 18 / Wednesday 18th of Sept / Garganta-Bibala-Lubango-Tundavala-Luanda

Breakfast and farewell from our hosts

Drive to Lubango through Serra da Leba sinuous road

Lunch in the colonial town of Bibala NOT INCLUDED

Reach Lubango and drive some kilometers out of town to enjoy the great panoramic views at a place called Tundavala


Transfer to the Airport 2 hours before departure of the flight to Luanda

≡ Accommodation in Luanda: Hotel Ilha Mar or similar / Meals Plan: B&B


Day 19 / Thursday 19th of Sept / Luanda-Miradouro-Santiago-Luanda


Drive 40 kms outside the town to some spectacular views at the cliff of Miradouro da Lua

From there we will drive back to the Slave Museum and Artisan Fair.

Back in town for Lunch NOT INCLUDED

Afternoon at leisure and/or visit Santiago Beach’s ship cemetery.

Continue to airport for evening flight back home according to your own flight details

Aproveite seu voo de volta para casa / Enjoy your flight back home